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OUTTS have a variety of props and equipment available to hire. The hires system is based in the Old Observatory in the Science Park off Parks Road. The entrance is up a ramp at the back of the building.

The props store is open in weeks 2-8 of term at the following times:

  • Sunday 2pm - 3pm

  • Monday 10:30am - 11:30am


Anyone hiring from OUTTS must read our terms of hire, which detail our policy regarding hire fees, deposits and returns.

If alterations to these times are necessary, they will be posted on the OUTTS (TAFF) mailing list.

In some exceptional circumstances, the store can be opened outside of this hours, at the discretion of the hires managers. Out of hours call outs must be arranged with at least 48 hours notice, and there will be a £15 charge. Details of the out of hours policy can be found in the terms of hire.

Click here to visit our shop on Rentle!

We are hugely thrilled to announce that we now have an online store! This allows you to browse every item we have in the store at any time (as opposed to never fully seeing our stock because things were always out on hire). You can use Rentle to browse and book out items, and then you collect and pay for items in person. You are of course welcome to still come and browse items in person, but ALL bookings will be done through Rentle. Because of this, we would advise booking crucial items for your show as early as possible in term to avoid being disappointed.


The default hire period is a week, and you can choose to hire Sunday-Sunday or Monday-Monday. If you need a different hire period, get in touch with hires[at]



Prices for items are listed on Rentle, so when you book things out you will get an idea of your total hire fee. 

Payments will happen as follows:

you will need to pay a deposit of TWICE your hire fee (i.e. if your hire fee is £10, your deposit is £20) upon collection. Ideally this would be in the form of a cheque as it’s easiest to return it to you after, however we also accept cash. 

This will then be followed up by an invoice sent to your production company to pay the hire fee by bank transfer. If you need to use another payment method, you can discuss this with a Hires Manager.

Although you will have a hires fee according to Rentle, discounts for bulk hires and similar arrangements will be made at the hires managers’ discretion. 

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