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Burton Taylor Studio



Slots per term

Managing body

Venue manager

Gloucester St, Oxford OX1 2BN


up to 14

Oxford Playhouse

Robert Bristow



Bids: end of the previous term

Programming: weeks 2-8 of term are split into the early and late slot, or you may bid for a double length slot

Tech: Two four-hour slots across the Monday and Tuesday of show week

Performances: Tuesday-Saturday evening shows

Get out: immediately following your Saturday show


A fixed grid covers the length and width of the studio allowing scope for designers of any ability to create a high-impact designs in an intimate space. The studio has its own lantern stock which includes profiles, fresnels, and parcans with various beam angles, as well as six LED Parcans, two asymmetric flood lights, and six Par  16 used as house lights. The stock also includes various accessories: barn doors, adaptors, extensions, lighting stands, floor stands, gobos, gel frames, irises, boom arms, and assorted scaff. Control is by an ETC Element desk.


Set up includes four Martin CT2 speakers linked to dedicated  amplifiers. Mixing is provided by a Soundcraft Spirit Live 12+2:4:2 desk. Two Shure SM58 microphones are available.
There is a dedicated input with 3.5mm jack adaptor to connect a laptop. Playback is from a Mac Mini with a QLab license, allowing surround sound.
Extensive cabling is provided. Most equipment is permanently wired to allow easy playback and recording. Additional equipment may be hired on request from the Playhouse at a nominal rate.

Good for:

  • First time directors, producers, and designers

  • New writing

  • Short plays

  • An intimate environment


The empty studio measures 8055x9910mm and can be configured to be end on, side-on, in the round, in thrust, or traverse with raked seating. The theatre has brick, black-painted walls and a wooden floor. Six 2.4m tall black masking flats, a choice of black or white cloth backdrops, and black dancefloor are available. Some tables and chairs can be borrowed from the venue. 

There are ten 13A power outlets at stage level, plus eight 15A outlets which may be used for practicals (controlled from the lighting board). There is a show relay system, with speaker positions in most areas. 

The theatre is located on the second floor, with box office and dressing room on the first floor. Note that this venue is not level accessible.

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