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OUTTS Committee 2024/25

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The OUTTS committee offices are: President; Treasurer; Secretary; Freshers & Training Rep; Hires & Venue Rep; Welfare Rep; Social Secretary; Senior Member. The committee is assisted by the Liaisons Officer, IT rep, and Hires Manager.


The committee are here to assist any member of the society with any shows or problems they are working on; please do email them if you would like any advice or assistance. If you are looking for guidance on a particular role please look at our role guides, or contact one of our role advisors.


We are also always grateful for suggestions of socials or workshops that you would like to be run - please contact the appropriate committee members if you have any ideas.


​Email addresses are in the form [office]

The incumbent O'Reilly Theatre Technician, University Drama Officer, and Pilch Studio Manager are granted a standing invitation to attend committee meetings in an advisory capacity, but do not have voting rights. 

The Senior Member of OUTTS is Prof. Kirsten Shepherd-Barr.

  • President - Tilly Jackson-Long (president@)
    I'm Tilly, a third year Classicist at St Anne's. I've been involved with OUTTS since I was in first year, and it has provided me with such a friendly and supportive space to learn new tech skills and create theatre with really talented people, so I'm looking forward to being more involved with the committee this year. Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions - I'm always happy to chat.
  • Treasurer - Mario Marcos Losada (treasurer@)
  • Secretary - Cayden Ong (secretary@)
    Heya! Cayden here, a first year English student at St Hugh's. I'm new to the tech scene, so I'm excited to learn from and work alongside all the lovely, incredible committee members. Please always feel free to reach out to me for help, feedback, or just a chat!
  • Freshers' & Training - Ted Fussel (freshers@)
    Hello!! My name's Ted, and I'm this year's OUTTS Training and Fresher's Rep. Over the last couple years I've dipped my toes into almost every side of tech, from lighting to stage management and can now conclusively say that I am pretty okay at quite a few things. I've worked all over Oxford with a whole host of lovely people, appearing and helping where I can. I am also the top fan of the O'Reilly scaffold tower. Having spent a good while on the learning side, I'm now very excited to be able to share that knowledge with other students who are interested in OUTTS through workshops and training shows.
  • Hires & Venue Rep - Joe Davies (hires@)
    I'm a first year studying for a DPhil in Mathematics at St Hugh's. I've been involved in technical theatre since I was in school, and I've worked on productions in both technical and design roles ever since, both in Oxford and as a member of DU Players as an undergraduate. A formative memory as a lighting technician was of trying to figure out how to operate a Mac 2k profile that had been hired for a school production — I caught the bug, and I've been reading manuals and making lights turn on ever since! I've really enjoyed the range of equipment and venues I've had access to through student theatre in Oxford, and I'm looking forward to help maintain and facilitate this access as a member of the OUTTS committee.
  • Social Secretary - Lucy Heppel (social@)
    Lucy is a first year at Pembroke reading English. She enjoys all theatre, but especially comedy and is excited to be involved in more student shows and planning parties and networking opportunities for all those interested in OUTTS.
  • Welfare - Michelle Tse (welfare@)
    I'm a first year at St Hugh's studying English! I'm very new to theatre, so I'm just learning and absorbing like a sponge (with sieve memory) from all these cool experienced people I'm meeting. Very much looking forward to getting involved in more productions as a crew member over the next two years! Feel free to contact me if you ever have questions or concerns about welfare relating to theatre :)
  • Hires Manager - Finley Bettsworth (hires@)
    I’m studying Medicine at Brasenose College, though sometimes I seem to be doing far more theatre than degree! I first got involved in theatre back in school, mainly doing sound and lighting design, and since then I’ve been hooked. Since coming to Oxford, OUTTS has been a really big part of my time at uni, literally since Freshers’ Week. Since being here, I’ve mainly been doing lighting, but occasionally dabble in sound and other aspects too. I find the student theatre vibes here really lovely and fun, as well as being really rewarding so I’m excited to get more people (Freshers and everyone else too!!) involved over the next year. I was so lucky to quickly get to know (and learn tonnes from) so many OUTTS members which has been awesome, and I really look forward to this continuing.
  • Liaisons Officer - Felix Westcott (other-societies@)
    Felix has spent many years writing and directing shows in Oxford and beyond. He has recently moved more into the technical side as well and is delighted to be on the OUTTs committee.
  • IT / Webmaster - Eliana Kwok (it@)
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Role Advisors

The committee welcome queries of any sort relating to technical theatre and design. The following OUTTS members have volunteered to be the point of contact for questions relating to specific departments. These contacts have been provided for your general information and should not be used to directly or indirectly find crew members for productions. If you are looking for someone to fill a certain role, please use the OUTTS mailing list. For general queries, contact the OUTTS President.

Lighting - David Street (, Tilly Jackson-Long (
Sound - Alva C. J. Orr (, Jonathan Tanner (

Projection - Jonathan Tanner (, Alva C. J. Orr (

Stage Management -
Set -

Costume -

Role Advisors
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