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Subscription to the mailing list constitutes membership of OUTTS. It is used to advertise positions on upcoming productions, as well as by the committee to let members know about socials, workshops or other relevant events. Crew calls and other OUTTS news are collated for a weekly newsletter.

If you have crew calls that you would like to send to the mailing list, please send it to for it to be included in the weekly newsletter. 

Emergency crew calls can be sent directly to the mailing list at but will pend approval.

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Join the OUTTS Mailing list

If you would like to join OUTTS and receive emails from the mailing list please use the form below. Once signed up you will receive all postings to the mailing list, and as a OUTTS member will be eligible to vote in elections and join the committee.  Note you do not need to be a member to post to the mailing list.

Subscribing to the list is the perfect way to make your first moves into technical theatre and design, as you will then receive information about socials and workshops so you can learn more, and meet existing members, as well as about show roles that you may wish to take on.

Membership of OUTTS is also open to non-members of the university, e.g. students from Oxford Brookes, or ex-students who are still working in Oxford theatre. Please contact the secretary about this.

Thanks for submitting!

Mailing List Quick Tips


Sell the role

You need to convince strangers to want to give you a not insignificant portion of their time for free, so provide a good amount of creative details about your show, e.g. genre, setting, direction style.


Advertise for Producers, Directors, and Marketing Managers on the OUDS Newsletter


Advertise paid positions on the mailing list


Make TAFF calls, even for heads of department!

Yes, it's a shot in the dark and you're not guaranteed to get responses, but you might find someone totally brilliant you've never come across before. Replying to TAFF calls is most people's first step into technical theatre and we want to welcome newcomers with the best opportunities we can.


Distinguish between 'designers' and 'technicians'

A costume designer will analyse the script, collect inspiration, and make sketches, while a costume technician will do the manual labour of creating the clothes based on the designer's specifications, and etc for the other roles. If you make a call for a 'lighting technician', they probably will not be prepared to organise your hires and create your rig plan.


Use 'Reply All' when posting to the mailing list

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List Tips
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OUDS Newsletter

is run by the OUDS committee and contain details of upcoming shows, audition opportunities as well as openings for non-technical roles such as director and producer, and details of venue and funding applications


This mailing list can be subscribed to at

OUDS Mailing List
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