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TAFF has a selection of equipment available for low cost hire to student shows or events in Oxford. To enquire about pricing and availability, email the Hires Managers or check our hires portal. We can also arrange low cost hire from students who own technical kit themselves. If you have any suggestions for equipment we should have, or would like advice on hiring equipment that we do not own, such as staging and radio mics, feel free to get in touch.

Our items are normally hired for a week at a time, but can be hired per day if needed for filming or purposes other than shows. Discounts are also available for multi-week hires. Please enquire for more details.

The TAFF gel collection is also freely available for use on shows if you're looking for a bit of spare gel, or indeed to gel a small show from it, on the 

Charity Fashion Show_Oxford Town Hall_Ma

understanding that any spare gel you do have afterwards comes back to the collection if it was bought on the production budget, and that it is not intended to provide all of the gel for a Playhouse or O'Reilly show, which are large enough that they should have a gel budget. We will also take a deposit before handing over the gel collection to ensure it is kept tidy and sorted. The deposit is returned at TAFF's discretion.


All hires are subject to our terms of hire.

Rentle is our online hires portal to order your equipment in advance and check their availability. Click this link to access it. You can also use it to browse our stock from the comfort of your home.'

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