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Costume Design 

The costume designer is in charge of designing and sourcing costumes for the actors. This involves studying the script, discussing the concept with the director and may involve historical research, mood boards, and sketches. The designer may have to consider period, colour schemes used by the other designers, movement requirement of the direction, and speed of costume changes when designing. Before sourcing costumes, the designer will need to take or collect measurements from the cast. When sourcing costumes, they might choose to buy new or used clothes, gather them from the personal wardrobes of the company, hire, or sew them depending on time scale and budget. A large-scale show with many costumes and changes will also need a wardrobe manager (often the designer) and dressers. This team of people are responsible for making sure the right costumes are in the right places before and during the shows, managing any repairs, and helping actors get changed quickly. For most student shows the costume designer may also be responsible for designing and co-ordinating hair and make-up.

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