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How to write an OUTTS crew call

If you are looking to find someone to take on a technical or design role in an upcoming production, the OUTTS mailing list is an excellent place to advertise. Emails sent to the mailing list are sent directly to all current OUTTS members, so please do not start your email by asking if we can distribute it!

It is important to ensure you include all relevant information in your advertisement and remember that you are trying to sell your show to people who might be interested! You should make an effort to describe your production and why someone you’ve never met should be interested in being involved. If the role is particularly suited to those new to Oxford drama, such as assistant positions, you should make this clear in your advert to make it easier for such people to get started.

A recommended format for emails to OUTTS is as follows:

[NAME OF SHOW] is taking place [WHEN] in [VENUE] and is seeking [VACANT POSITION] to join our production team.


[General information about the show, current design vision etc (c. 100 words)]

If you are interested in joining this [exciting adjective] show, please contact [name] at [email address]



[Position on Team]


To distribute to the mailing list simply send your email to who will include the crew call in the weekly newsletter. 

If your crew call is an emergency, you can send it directly to the mailing list at - please note that the email won't be sent out immediately as it will have to be approved by someone on the committee first. 

If you do not get a response to your post within a few days don’t be disheartened, there are a limited number of people working in Oxford drama and a great many productions they may already be busy on. It is also worth talking to people you know from previous productions, while they might not personally be able to do it they may well know other people they can ask.


Note that OUTTS is a strictly amateur society and it is not permitted to advertise paid roles on the mailing list

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