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Michael Pilch Studio



Slots per term

Managing body

Venue manager

Jowett Buildings, Jowett Walk, OX1 3TS


up to 8

Student representative

Much_Ado_MT16_Pilch (1).jpg


Bids: to be submitted in week 4, offers made in week 5

Programming: One show a week up to all 8 weeks of term time

Get in & Tech: Monday 12am onwards

Performances: Tuesday or Wednesday-Saturday evenings

Get out: Immediately following final performance, venue to be checked on Sunday morning

Good for:

  • New writing

  • Simple lighting and sound

  • Large stage space

  • Flexible stage setups


An internally wired fixed grid covers the width and depth of the studio in in two rectangles round the edge of the studio and around the central stage space. The rig  contains 48 15A circuits with dedicated dimming channels - no hard-patching required! There are a further 12 floor-level 15A circuits, which must be patched from a 6-channel Betapack dimmer. The studio’s lantern stock is modest, with a small number of fresnels, parcans, floods, and profiles with corresponding gel frames. We recommend hiring additional intelligent fixtures from OUTTS (for example our LED Parcans or Diamond 7 movers) if you want to achieve a more ambitious design. Controt is from an ETC Nomad computer, with a CMD_Key keypad.


Primary input is via a 3.5mm audio jack cable directly connected to the mixing board. There is no playback computer - you will need to bring your own. There are nowire microphones or radio microphones in the studio for live input and no receivers. There are 6 microphone tie-lines in the theatre (3-pin XLR) that are contained on the floor panels and wired directly between these floor panels, not via the patch bay. An additional two tie lines run directly from the mix position to the amplifiers. Mixing is made possible by an Allen & Heath ZED-16FX desk which has 10 mono channels, three stereo channels with 2-band EQ and an FX unit. The main speaker amplification is provided by one Electro-Voice CPS series amplifier which provides two channels of amplification split between two Electro-Voice ZX1 speaker pairs on the rig, defaulted for Left and Right output.


Empty studio measures 9406x9187mm and can be set-up in any configuration, within reason of fire safety regulations. The studio has a permanent black dance floor which must not be screwed into. All walls are painted black and there are four floor pillars in a square around the centre of the room. There is a stock of 100x100x50mm square deck units with top boards and step units which can be used to create a raised stage or raked seating bank. Note that this is not a level access venue.

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